Your braces are off! Your teeth are beautiful and smooth! You are free of wire, metal and rubber bands! Although, this is a time for celebration, please remember that the retention phase of treatment is just beginning.

The retention phase is a critical stage, once your braces or Invisalign treatment is complete, that typically involves wearing a retainer.

We will help you determine which type of retainer will work best for you and how long it needs to be worn. Please remember that once the teeth are in their proper position they can have a memory and move back to their original position. The teeth are held in place by fibers called the periodontal ligaments. It may take a few months for these ligaments to adjust to their new position. It is essential to wear your retainer as recommended so the ligaments are not able to move the teeth back to an undesirable location.

Common Types of Retainers:

  1. Hawley Retainer - This U-shaped acrylic retainer fits into your mouth and has a thin wire that holds the teeth in place. This retainer is simple, durable and easy to remove. They can be customized in color and design.
  2. Fixed Bonded Retainer - This retainer is a thin wire that is cemented onto the back of the front teeth. The retainer is not visible and not able to be removed by the patient. This retainer may be in place for months or years.
  3. Clear Plastic Retainer - These retainers are made of clear plastic that is custom made to fit over your teeth. They are invisible with no wires that show and are easily removed by the patient.

Retainer Instructions:

If your retainer breaks or is lost, call us immediately as your teeth can most quickly!

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