Inbrace Option

What is InBrace®?

Straightening your smile is easier than ever before, and our team in Milwaukee, WI, Beloit, WI and Roscoe, IL at NuLine Orthodontics is proud to provide some of the most cutting-edge treatments available, such as InBrace®, also known as lingual braces. This teeth straightening treatment basically allows you to perfect your smile on autopilot with a personalized Smartwire hidden behind your teeth. Are you interested to see if InBrace® could be right for you? Contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Najjar, experienced orthodontists, today!

Lingual Braces in Milwaukee, WI, Beloit, WI and Roscoe, IL
Lingual Braces in Milwaukee, WI, Beloit, WI and Roscoe, IL

Why Choose InBrace®?

InBrace® is unlike anything else; instead of attaching to the visible parts of your teeth, this treatment takes advantage of the interior surfaces of your teeth to be much less visible, yet it is just as effective as traditional braces and clear aligners. This advanced approach also allows us to continue straightening teeth with fewer in-office adjustments and deliver awe-inspiring results with less time and effort.

The Benefits of InBrace®

Compared to traditional braces or even clear aligners, InBrace® has many advantages. Here are just a few of the ways that this revolutionary orthodontic treatment stands out from others by staying completely hidden.

How It Works?

Shifting teeth requires putting some amount of force on teeth. However, this completely unique Smartwire utilizes GentleForce™ technology to make the process as smooth and pain free as possible.

  1. Scan. First, we scan and create a 3D image of your mouth so we can personalize your Smartwire™ in your treatment plan.
  2. Design. Then, we design and program your Smartwire based on the treatment plan and attach the wire to the inside surfaces of your teeth.
  3. Smile. Finally, you go about your normal life as your teeth start moving into place. While you’re doing your thing, the Smartwire does its thing. It’s that simple!
Lingual Braces in Milwaukee, WI, Beloit, WI and Roscoe, IL
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